Foreign Policy

REPORT: North Korea Testing ICBMs Loaded with Anthrax

According to Japanese media, a member of South Korea’s intelligence ministry has reported that North Korea has begun to test the use of ICBMs to deliver Anthrax and other biological weapons. The report was released one day after the Trump Administration released its National Security Strategy, which addresses North Korea’s threat to the United States, also mentioning chemical and biological weapons, saying North Korea is developing “biological weapons that could also be delivered by missile.”

Height and range of North Korea’s ICBMs tested by North Korea. Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

Anthrax can survive dramatic temperature changes such as the ones experienced by an ICBM as it flies into space and re-enters the atmosphere. South Korea believes that North Korea is capable of developing biological weapons, and estimates that North Korea currently has a stockpile of about 2,500 to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons. The United States is currently deploying missile defense systems in Japan and South Korea capable of intercepting missiles fired by North Korea. The recent successful nuclear and ICBM tests by North Korea suggest that the regime is pursuing the development of new weapons, including biological and chemical weapons.


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