Steve Bannon Endorses Republican Scott Wagner in PA Governor’s Race

Earlier this week, Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon endorsed anti-establishment Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner currently seeking Pennsylvania’s Republican Nomination for governor. While in St. Louis accepting an award from the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, Bannon endorsed Wagner saying “They’re not going to give you your country back,” adding “You’re going to have to go and take it back and we’re going to start taking it back in November when Scott Wagner runs in Pennsylvania.” A key part of Wagner’s campaign is balancing Pennsylvania’s budget. Wagner has vowed to “take out the trash” in Pennsylvania politics if elected, vowing to get key issues such as the state’s budget problem addressed quickly. Scott Wagner met with Bannon on numerous occasions prior to the announcement, meeting for more than two hours on an airplane on the way to St. Louis where Bannon accepted his award for his political activism. When asked about his relationship with Bannon, Wagner told reporters “He told me about the experiences he’d had in D.C. and asked about my platform and issues. We had a lot of issues in common.”

Senator Scott Wagner displays his new shirt expressing his frustration with the Pennsylvania political establishment. Mark Pynes Penn Live

Wagner is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, frequently praising his anti-establishment policies on the campaign trail, while being critical of both parties for corruption in Harrisburg and “giving the governor a free pass” for his lack of action on serious issues facing Pennsylvania. Steve Bannon has made it a priority to get anti-trump Republicans voted out in the 2018 primaries, as well as getting anti-establishment and Trump supporting candidates the support they need to win the Republican nomination. Experts say it is too early to say what effect Bannon’s involvement in PA’s gubernatorial election will have on voters, but current polls show Wagner with a significant lead over his Republican opponents.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.01.44 PM.png
Poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates on September 22, 2017.


While the Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial primary isn’t until May 15, 2018, this poll shows that many in Pennsylvania are clearly angry with the current Pennsylvania political establishment and want the status quo to be removed from Harrisburg come the next election.


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