Dallas Cowboys Owner Will Begin Benching Kneeling Players

After several weeks of increased protests by NFL players in response to United States President Donald Trump’s comments, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made a decision regarding the demonstrations. Jones announced a policy for the team, prohibiting players from playing if they “disrespect” the flag. Jones addressed the policy with reporters after their game this weekend, explaining what he considers disrespectful behavior. He explained that the policy prohibiting “disrespectful” behavior is not new, but explained that he now considers the national anthem demonstrations disrespectful, and will be included in this policy.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Image courtesy of Fox News.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to commend Jerry Jones for taking a stand against the protests, writing “Stand for Anthem or sit for the game!” in his tweet Monday night.
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.18.02 AM
Jones pointed out that the NFL has no policy in place to prevent this behavior, so he is taking matters into his own hands as an owner. This coming Sunday will be the first test of The Dallas Cowboys’ kneeling policy.


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