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Fact Check: Did hundreds of illegal immigrants vote in Philadelphia for the 2016 election?


Several news outlets reported this morning that documents revealed hundreds of people voted in the 2016 election illegally in the city of Philadelphia. The reporting on the documents released is very misleading, and we will outline what exactly was published in the report released today on Philadelphia voter fraud.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.07.38 AM
Cover of the report published Tuesday by the non-profit group Public Interest Legal Foundation.

A voter fraud catalog for the city of Philadelphia titled Thousands on the Voter Rolls in Philadelphia was released Tuesday by the non profit group Public Interest Legal Foundation. The report outlines failures by the city of Philadelphia to prevent illegal voting in elections, as well as the history of illegal aliens being removed from voter rolls in the city.  The findings show that several dozen illegal aliens have voted in previous elections, not hundreds of people like news outlets reported voted illegally in the 2016 election. However, thousands of people are registered illegally to vote in Philadelphia, which was correctly reported by media outlets. Media outlets also reported that city officials in Philadelphia are encouraging voter fraud. This is very misleading, while Philadelphia has no program or policy in place to prevent voter fraud, there is no evidence that city officials are encouraging illegal voting. Philadelphia has cancelled 86 voter registrations because they belonged to illegal aliens, more than 13% of those registrations removed had been on the voting rolls for more than 10 years, while nearly half of those removed had voted in the most recent election. Most of the voter fraud in Philadelphia is caused because of failure to remove incarcerated felons from voter rolls. Because there is no voter identification law, individuals in Philadelphia can vote on behalf of incarcerated felons.

Philadelphia election officials inspecting voting machines after claims of illegal voting in the 2016 election. Image courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer.

The report published today does show there is illegal voting done by both illegal aliens and on behalf of incarcerated felons, but not in the large numbers as stated by news outlets. News outlets also failed to explain that illegal immigrants are not doing the majority of illegal voting, instead the majority of illegal voting is done on behalf of incarcerated felons who are ineligible to vote.


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