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Fact Check: Did The American Academy of Pediatrics say transgenderism is child abuse?

Verdict: MIXTURE


Earlier this week, several conservative leaning reporters and media outlets, most notably Glenn Beck of The Blaze reported that The American Academy of Pediatrics had determined that imposing transgenderism on children is traumatic and abusive. This is very misleading, as the actual statement by The Academy of Pediatrics reads a bit differently. The Academy of Pediatrics released a statement with the following brief statement on their findings, with a full report being released in the coming months. The Academy of Pediatrics said that subjecting children to treatment of transgenderism, such as hormone therapy and gender reassignment when they are young and still developing is traumatic and abusive towards the child. Children who are growing up and may just be confused about what is going on in their head and with their body may think they are transgender when they are not. The parents of children who are young and confused during their development want their child to be as comfortable as possible, so they jump to conclusions about what their child thinks about their gender identity. Children who develop normally and turn out to not be transgender become mentally traumatized for the rest of their lives after receiving hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgeries they didn’t need. This was made clear in the statement published by The American Academy of Pediatrics, but the statement was misinterpreted by the media and lead many to believe something different. The American Academy of Pediatrics said that those who encourage children who think they are transgender but are actually just young and confused are hurting the child’s development at a time when they do not understand what it means to be transgender. The key difference between what was published by The Academy of Pediatrics and media outlets is that The Academy of Pediatrics said that treatment of transgenderism can be traumatic and abusive if the parents do not truly understand their child’s feelings, not transgenderism itself. It is important to note that The Academy of Pediatrics is a group formed for political purposes and not for medical purposes.


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