Foreign Policy

Opinion: The United Nations Needs To Get Tough

President Trump is scheduled to address the United Nations general assembly tomorrow, and met with world leaders this morning at the U.N. headquarters in New York. President Trump also spoke at a meeting on the need for U.N. member states to do their part to uphold U.N. resolutions and enforce sanctions imposed on dangerous countries. The U.N. has lost its authority and influence around the world over the years, especially as countries such as China and Russia have poorly enforced sanctions imposed by the U.N. on countries including Syria and North Korea. The U.N. also didn’t take effective actions when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and when the Arab Spring crisis erupted in 2010. President Trump is working to make other countries that are allies of the United States play a more active role in the U.N. such as France and the United Kingdom.

Trump addresses the United Nations on September 18, 2017. Image courtesy of Business Standard.

This way the United States isn’t representing the western world all by itself in the U.N. and running most of the diplomatic activities that the U.N. participates in. President Trump addressed some members of the U.N. today and spoke of the need to reform the U.N. and to refocus the mission that the U.N. was originally responsible for. Reforming the United Nations will be no easy task, and the United States shouldn’t do it all on their own. All member states need to start making an effort to do their part to make sure the world is doing the right thing.


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