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Opinion: Repealing DACA Is Punishment For The Wrong People

President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday September 5, 2017 the administration’s intention to end the illegal immigrant child amnesty program DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) or Dreamer Act, signed by President Barack Obama during his time in office. DACA gives children who were brought here illegally by their parents amnesty and immunity from deportation. Repealing DACA will hurt most the children of immigrants who were brought here illegally by their parents by no choice of their own. These children regard America as their home.  Punishing those who did not make the decision to come here and had no say in the matter is fundamentally unfair. Parents who were responsible for the illegal immigration should be held accountable and be allowed to apply for citizenship through the usual procedures.

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) supporters protest efforts to end the controversial program. Image courtesy of New York Times.

An alternative to forced deportation is giving so called ‘dreamers’ the choice to go home with their parents who entered illegally or remain in the U.S. on the path to citizenship and paying taxes. This is the right way to handle reform of the DACA program rather than deporting those who didn’t have a choice in immigrating to the United States. While immigration reform is needed, deporting dreamers is not the right answer. It is expensive, and will just hurt those who didn’t choose to be here but regard America as their home. Mandating that dreamers register as legal Americans and pay taxes is the right answer to DACA reform.



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