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Opinion: With Steve Bannon Gone, The Trump Administration Can Finally Get To Work

Earlier this week while on vacation at the presidential retreat Camp David during White House renovations, President Trump fired Steve Bannon after recomendation from White House chief of staff John Kelly. This is the third major White House staff member to be fired after new White House chief of staff John Kelly took the job just over two weeks ago. According to members of the administration, Steve Bannon was extremely hostile and vulgar to other members of the administration, and had leaked material to the press to embarass his co-workers. He allegedly got in a very heated argument with Jared Kushner and expressed his anger to the president. The nail in the coffin for Bannon was when he told a newspaper in an interview that the president would not use military action in North Korea and that he was bluffing. Steve Bannon was the subject of major controversy before the presidency even began. He alledgedly made anti semitic comments while working at Breitbart, and published many racist and offensive articles. Trump hired him to work in his administration because of his work on his campaign which is credited with making his historic win possible.

Steve Bannon at a national security briefing. GQ magazine.

John Kelly has been clearing out problematic staff members who have been working in the oval office over the last few weeks, and insists that more will be removed in the future. Bannon has made it difficult for the president to work on policies to implement, as he has been very hostile and difficult to work with, especially with generals at the pentagon. Bannon helped draft Trump’s first travel ban, which was quickly ruled unlawful because of its language surrounding preventing Muslim immigration to the U.S. and giving priority to Christian refugees. With Bannon out of the president’s innee circle, Trump will hopefully be able to work with Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway and John Kelly to draft policy that is resonable, legal and puts the American people and the United States first.