Foreign Policy

Mike Pence Is Off To South America Amid Venezuela Crisis

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is off to South America. First on his visit is Columbia, were he will meet with the country’s president, discussing the relationship but they intend to have during the Trump administration. The elephant in the room during this visit is how the United States intends to handle the rebellion and looming Civil War crisis in Venezuela. Venezuela’s President, Nicholas Maduro recently took measures to take more control of the country, as protests and violent riots are popping up around the country. Mike Pence has yet to say what he thinks about the crisis, but Pres. Trump made clear that he was not ruling out a military response the Venezuela crisis. Pence’s trip has received little media attention, but this will perhaps be one of the most important foreign trips this year, as it will determine if Venezuela will become a full dictatorship and totalitarian state, or become a democracy.

A protestor throws a burning bottle at riot police at a violent protest in Venezuela. Image courtesy of CNN.

VP Mike Pence will likely explain how the U.S. Government will handle the situation, as pres. Trump is yet to make clear how he intends to address the issue. The Vice President is also expected to discuss immigration policy, as well as poverty and humanitarian aid that will be given to the region. Only time will tell how the Venezuela crisis will play out.


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