Kid Rock’s U.S. Senate Run Should Not Be Treated As A Joke

Earlier in July, popular country singer Kid Rock floated the idea of running for senator of Michigan in the 2018 election. The media quickly reported it as a publicity stunt, just as they did with Donald Trump two years earlier. Kid Rock has been meeting with policy writers and major Washington political campaign members, and has set up a non-profit dedicated to getting as many people as possible registered to vote. He has also launched a website, featuring a wide variety of campaign gear, and has released a statement laying out his platform should he formally announce his bid for the senate. Early polling has shown him 4-5 points ahead of incumbent Democrat Debbie Sabenow. Democrats in congress have mocked him, called him a joke, which shows us that Democrats have yet to learn from their crucial mistake during the 2016 election, that underestimating your opponent usually ends in you loosing, and loosing badly.

Kid Rock holds a rally in Michigan for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during the 2012 presidential election. Courtesy of Getty Images.

Kid Rock would run for senate in his home state of Michigan, a state that Trump won in 2016, the first time since 1988 that the state voted for a Republican. This should be an instant red flag for Democrats that during the 2018 election cycle they will need to focus their efforts on the state. If Kid Rock wins the Republican nomination, Democrats my brush the election off as an easy win, because Kid Rock has no political experience, and is an outsider, similar to Donald Trump. Kid Rock appeals heavily to Trump supporters, with similar positions on special interests, job growth and foreign policy, and Washington partisanship and gridlock. Should Kid Rock move forward with a bid for the senate, Democrats should be ready to fight hard, as he will be a serious threat to the Democrat held seat.


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  1. We need all GOPe RINOs up for re-election in 2018 to face a primary bid from folks that actually put America, rather than themselves, first as well. Wishing Kid Rock well should he decide to become part of the #FlushSewerDC movement.


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