Foreign Policy

Report: White House To Ban Travel To North Korea

Earlier this summer, U.S. college student, Otto Warmbier who was detainted in North Korea last year, was returned home in a vegetative state. He later died from injuries sustained while he was in North Korea, most like torture and beatings according to medical personnel. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson worked to secure his release from North Korea for nearly a month, and when he returned home and died, Trump said that he was “considering some pretty severe things” with regards to retaliation against the rogue regime. Sources have said that a travel ban for U.S. citizens to North Korea is being considered to protect U.S. tourists from being detained and imprisoned by the regime.

U.S student Otto Warmbier at his “trial” in North Korea in 2015.

These security measures are expected to be implemented in the near future, as tensions with North Korea continue to rise as the regime successfully tested a ICBM missile last mont capable of hitting the Unite States. Trump is expected to announce the ban on  travel very soon, as there are currently other Americans detained in North Korea that are in danger as well.


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