Foreign Policy

Report: Pres. Trump Has Negotiated A Ceasefire In Syria

After a tough first night with protesters and hundreds of police injured at the G 20 summit where Pres. Trump and other world leaders currently are meeting, good news came after Pres. Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin had their first face-to-face meeting. Trump announced that he had negotiated a cease-fire with Putin ending the Syrian conflict for the time being. This was supposed to be a rocky trip for Pres. Trump, as many World leaders are frustrated with him pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. This is the first significant foreign-policy success by the Trump administration, which suggests that Pres. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are a good foreign policy team. Sec. Tillerson has been hard at work on making this happen, and this cease-fire appears to be genuine, unlike the one that was negotiated under the Obama administration.

President Trump holds a public meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin before their closed door meeting where the cease-fire would later be negociated. Image courtesy of ABC News.

While Pres. Trump was under pressure by many US senators to address many issues with Russia, such as Russia’s interference in the US election and inciting instability in Europe, this major accomplishment from the trip will likely overshadow him not thoroughly addressing those issues. Trump was very certain that a deal could be negotiated, and this was part of his original foreign-policy agenda. This milestone in the now six year war is great news, and gives hope that this horrible war will come to an end.