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Opinion: The Only Solution To North Korea Is Military Action

On July 4th, North Korea successfully tested it’s ICBM missile, which flew for 38 minutes, 538 miles and an altitude of 1741 miles. US military officials and Analysts have confirmed that the missile tested on Tuesday is capable of hitting Alaska, making it the first North Korean missile capable of hitting US soil. The United States military and government are unsure of how to handle this new development. There is no diplomatic solution, as the sanctions against North Korea have been useless so far. North Korea will continue to develop nuclear missiles as they have been for the last decade. Currently, the best solution is to ask China to step aside, and allow the United States to conduct a military strike on North Korea where they are building and storing their missiles. North Korea has been a looming threat for many years, as previous presidents have done very little to prevent North Korea from advancing its nuclear weapons program and testing its ballistic missiles. Diplomatically, China has little interest in blocking North Korea from receiving trade across the border. This new development in its nuclear weapons program leaves us with little choice and how to proceed, and most options require military action.

A photo of North Korea’s Hwasong 14 missile that was tested on July 4, 2017. Photo distributed by a North Korean news agency.

Pres. Trump during on Wednesday in Poland during a joint news conference with the Polish President Andrzej Duda said North Korea “is behaving in a very dangerous manner” and that he is “considering some pretty severe things” with regards to how to respond to the missile test. The US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley responded in a similar manner to the president, referring to the test as ” sharp military escalation” and she called for a “escalated diplomatic and economic response”. US General Vincent K. Brooks had a different response, saying in a statement the only thing stopping war with North Korea was “self restraint”. The situation on the Korean peninsula has been escalating for years, and the time for an aggressive response has come. Military action increasingly becomes the only clear choice to end this problem.