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The GOP healthcare bill isn’t good, but it needs to replace Obamacare.

This week, republican members of the United States Senate unveiled their revision of the American Healthcare Act. The American Healthcare Act passed in the house this spring, and was sent for revision and a vote the Senate. The GOP healthcare bill is not perfect, but it is a significant improvement over Obamacare, which is beginning to cost an enormous amount of money for Americans, and as more companies pullout of Obamacare, the cost will only become greater. The GOP healthcare bill provides families with tax credits when they purchase insurance, which lowers the burden on the government. Currently, money is just given to low income families to pay for insurance. The difference here is that the tax credit will not just be money spent by the government for healthcare, but rather incentives are given in order for individuals of lower income to purchase insurance independent of the government.


Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) holds press conference after the unveiling of the new healthcare bill.

The bill removes several components that will lower premiums, but Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that “it doesn’t do enough to lower premiums”. While the bill contains all of the benefits that the house bill had, the changes to it now benefit more Americans regardless of income. The bill also will lower taxes for everyone, but the greatest beneficiary is high income Americans. The bill still requires insurance companies to insure someone regardless of pre-existing conditions. The biggest cut is to Planned Parenthood, as they will loose all government funding in the new bill. This was a key proposed component by Donald Trump to the bill, and it made it into the senate version. The bill is not perfect, but it is a major improvement in every way over Obamacare.


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