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Fact Check: Is the Paris Climate Accord bad for jobs?

Verdict: Mostly False

During and prior to president Donald Trump’s announcement that he would withdraw at the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there was much debate over whether the agreement was bad for job growth and industry in the United States. The argument that jobs would be lost is valid, but it’s not the full story. Old industry jobs like coal mining and cement would slowly drift away as the United States began to follow the Paris Accord agreement that we would reduce our carbon footprint. While those jobs would be lost, workers would pick up new jobs in green energy such as solar panels, Wind mills, and hydroelectricity. Many business CEOs of major companies have stated that on a global level Jobs would be lost if we left the agreement. This is true, as most countries in the world are in the agreement that we do business with, it would be very hard to sell our products if we are still producing Materials that are not permitted under the climate agreement. We’ve concluded that the Paris Accord is actually good for job growth, in that remaining and it would create more jobs then continuing to back manufacturing jobs in coal and steel.