Report: President Trump withdraws U.S from Paris Climate Agreement.

Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon in the Rose Garden of the White House announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement. This comes after he said he would consider remaining in the agreement after he met with European leaders during his first foreign trip. Trump claims that the agreement is too restrictive on job growth and on the global economy. This is not quite accurate, as green energy has more potential for job growth, as many CEOs say investing in renewable resources will create more jobs than other obsolete sources of energy like coal and oil. Many also say that the green promotes a sense of globalism, something that many of down Trump supporters disagree with. Trump also does not like the idea of the United States being forced to comply with an agreement that he did not work on. President Trump will likely request a rewriting of the agreement, with his negotiators and advisers working on it during the process. The TrueNews team found that withdrawing from the agreement send a very bad foreign-policy message, and promote a sense of isolation and lack of involvement in foreign affairs by the Trump administration. Withdrawing from the agreement was a key campaign promise for the President. He has not completed very many promises that he made the first few months of his presidency, so he’s likely feeling pressure to follow through on this one, even if it’s not the best decision.