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Report: Terrorist attack imminent in UK after Ariana Grande concert bombing.

The terror threat level remains at severe after the UK concert bombing that occurred last week. Prime Minister Theresa May has said that a terrorist attack is extremely likely and may be imminent following the second deadly attack on the UK in six months. The horrific attack that occurred last week left 22 people dead and over 150 wounded. Many arrests have been made in the last few days in connection to the Libyan to detonated a suicide vest at the concert. The hope is that the terror threat level will be reduced as authorities close in on those responsible, and continue to work to drive out extremist forces from UK soil. The greatest concern is that these attacks will be more common as more Muslims seek refuge in Europe. Extremists have been sneaking in with refugees for months now and may be distributed in other countries across Europe. Many are also concerned that they may be coming in from Africa as well. As Trump returns from his first foreign trip with his main message driving out Islamic extremism, many are confident that progress will be made and safety will be restored.