Report: Hillary Clinton is running for President again in 2020.

Hillary Clinton made another public appearance this week when she gave the commencement speech at her alma mater Wellesley College. She once again took shots at her former rival in the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump our wide variety of issues, from the crowd size dispute at his inauguration to his alledged obstruction of justice in the Michael Flynn investigation. Clinton has been making regular appearances now, with rumors swirling about what her next ambition is. Her plans are quite clear, she’s going to run for president again in 2020. She’s done similar things that she did after her loss to Barack Obama in 2008, such as public appearances reflecting what she did wrong, and continuing to voice her opinion and thoughts on domestic and foreign issues to prevent herself from falling out of the spotlight.

Hillary Clinton being interviewed at the Women in the World Summit. Image courtesy of Youtube.

Clinton is also founded a new super PAC, designed to prepare the next generation of young people to become activists for progressive values. Clinton is also writing a new book, a memoir of her experience the 2016 election. She continues to do regular appearances on television, making it clear she is not leaving politics anytime soon. The DNC chair has also not objected to the idea of Clinton running for president again. She is still a strong candidate for the Democratic nomination, she has strong credentials, she’s not as extreme as potential candidates like Sen Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and she has more experience then Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey. The problem she keeps facing is that Independent voters just don’t like her. She won’t beat Trump in 2020, Independents will still vote for the incumbent, even if Donald Trump is doing a sub par job. Clinton’s ambition to become the first woman president didn’t stop after the 2016 election, but will continue in 2020.