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Opinion: The case for remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement.

As president Donald Trump returns from his first foreign trip, he stated stated that he is actively reconsidering his original decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement that was signed by the United States on September 13, 2016. This agreement has been signed by more than 190 countries, and strengthens the global commitment to reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and keep the global temperature down. The president has consistently stated but the agreement hurts job growth with overarching regulations that hurt the global economy. While there are many regulations, leaving this agreement sends a very bad message to the rest of the world when it comes to the priority of keeping the earth healthy for the future generations.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry signs the agreement on behalf of the United States on September 13, 2016. Featured image in header courtesy of Univision.

Whether or not climate change is caused by mankind, there is still an unnecessary amount of pollution being created. The United States has set an example for the rest of the world on how to act in almost every situation. We set an example when it comes to human rights, economic development, foreign-policy and maintaining a strong democratic government, key to every successful and free nation. We need to take the right steps to make sure we set an example by showing our commitment to making sure the earth is clean and safe for our children. While the agreement is not perfect, it does not hurt job growth as many are concerned about, with so many very simple and not very overbearing rules that will not affect our daily life. This is not the time protest and be oppositional to make a statement, it is the time to reaffirm commitment to keeping the earth clean and safe, something that every other country also agrees on. More than 190 countries on the planet support this agreement, it’s time for the most powerful country on earth to show it’s support for keeping the earth clean and safe from pollutants.