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Did Trump intentially break the law or is he just being stupid?

There’s been much discussion about the potential for the impeachment of president Donald Trump since it was revealed that he told the FBI director to stop investigating his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn who was in consistent contact with the Russian government during the presidential campaign and during the initial presidency of Donald Trump. It is also suspected that he may have been compromised and was being a blackmailed by the Russian government. The discussion on whether the president can be impeached comes down to his intent. If he intentionally obstructed an investigation, and he should be impeached. If he did not intentionally obstruct justice, and did not actually understand that what he was doing was a threat to the integrity of the Department of Justice and the FBI, send this likely does not warrant impeachment.

Former CIA Director James Clapper and NSA Director Adm. Michael Rodgers speak at Senate hearing. Image courtesy of Washington Post.

Based off of his performance during the beginning of his administration, I don’t think at the president was being advised properly on how to handle the fact that Michael Flynn was being investigated. The president was not advised properly on how to discuss the investigation with the Justice Department and the FBI. I do not think that the president was intentionally trying to obstruct justice based on the information made available, but I do think he was extremely careless, inches made a series of terrible decisions regarding Michael Flynn investigation and Russian interference and the 2016 election. I think the president for the benefit of the country, should reconsider if he is able to adequately performed his duties as commander-in-chief.