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Fact Check: Will 23 Million Americans loose insurance under GOP healthcare bill?

Verdict: UNCLEAR

Today a congressional committee put out its report on the proposed Obamacare replacement bill. The bill reported that 23 million Americans would lose insurance by 2026. Although this is true in the current economic climate, this is not an accurate projection for how many will be left uninsured. More people are going to be taken off of unemployment in the next 10 years, as the Trump administration has reduced unemployment to its lowest level in a decade. As unemployment continues to fall, more people will be insured through their employer. Currently, those who are on Medicaid are covered under Obamacare. This would not be the case under the new health care bill. This means that they would likely be placed in a separate category that would receive federal funding. Therefore, that means that the number that would not be insured under the new bill is likely going to be less. However, this bill reduces the heavy burden that the middle-class carries by paying ultra high premiums for insurance. The number that would be left uninsured after this bill signed into law is likely much lower than the projected amount. This number also includes those who would be insured in another program related to Medicaid such as those who are disabled or unable to work. The number is likely much less than projected, but there are many variables that need to be reviewed for a more accurate projection.