The facts on James Comey’s dismissal

James Comey’s dismissal from the FBI couldn’t have come at a worse time for President Trump. His dismissal after a very poor performance during hearings on the hill left many speculating on whether his dismissal was because Trump was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The complete story is far more complicated than the media, both liberal and conservative are saying. White House aides have said that the President has been frustrated with Comey for months on a wide range of issues, such as his leadership of Russian interference investigations and failure to communicate with his aides what he intended to discuss at hearings on capitol hill on Russian interference in the presidential election.

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies at senate hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election

The Motive of Donald Trump to fire him after he began testifying in hearings about Russian involvement in the presidential election has raised many concerns and speculation. Many are still speculating that Comey’s removal came after Donald Trump came under FBI investigation. The problem with that is James Comey has publically said that the president is not under investigation by the FBI. The resignation of Comey had been called for by many Democrats during the presidential election, most notably when Director Comey reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server when her emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s personal computer. Weiner was being investigated at the time for sexting a minor. The reasoning for his removal is clear, that he was no longer the best person to lead the bureau after several highly pubicized and politically motivated investigations were not being completed in the best way possible.