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Fact Check: Are Navy fighter jets unsafe for pilots?

Verdict: TRUE

On Thursday morning, several media networks published articles saying that certain U.S Navy fighter jets were unsafe. We looked into the sources of these allegations, and we found that they came from three current U.S Navy and Marine fighter jet pilots, specifically F/A-18 pilots, who expressed concern over the oxygen supply systems on these aging aircraft. The information was released by the House Armed Services Committee. These pilots reported that the oxygen supplies were not functioning properly,  and were passing out during flights, experiencing hypoxia, confusion, tingling in toes and fingers, all of which can be deadly effects in a single pilot aircraft. Unfortunately, the rumors of defective fighter jets are true and have been confirmed using the House Armed Services Committee and pilots who were involved with the issues. This developing story will be updated as information on what specifically is defective in the aircraft.


Problems with the aircraft have been reported in the past and we will be following this story for updates on this investigation and others involving aircraft problems in the United States Military.