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Fact Check: Can President Trump authorize a nuclear strike on North Korea without congress?

Verdict: TRUE

There’s been lots of public discussion by U.S & North Korean officials recently about a potential conflict involving military action. President Trump spoke publically about potentially using nuclear weapons on North Korea because of its new developments with its weapons program. Many are concerned that with President Trump’s temperament, he will be able to make decisions regarding nuclear weapons deployment without the consent of congress. The constitution says that President Trump is the commander-in-chief, but does not specifically address if he is allowed to authorize a nuclear weapons attack, the same way that he is required to ask Congress for a declaration of war on North Korea. While Pres. Trump is the commander-in-chief, he will have to consult the Joint chiefs should he want to pursue a nuclear strike. while there is no written check on Pres. Trump’s nuclear weapon access, he has an unwritten check when it comes to whether the Joint Chiefs will relay his orders to their soldiers.