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Opinion: North Korea is playing a dangerous game

With the recent bombing of Syria, and the MOAB bomb strike in Afghanistan, it comes as a surprise that North Korea continues to escalate and provoke the United States with missile tests becoming more frequent, and defying one of its last remaining allies, the People’s Republic of China. North Korea stated this past week, that it would proceed with another missile test, and it would not be intimidated by the United States anymore. This is a reckless and dangerous decision that North Korea is making. Pres. Trump is reckless, and he likes to be unpredictable as he is made clear throughout his presidential campaign and during his presidency. The new administration has also made clear nuclear weapons aren’t off the table. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un will ultimately decide his country’s fate, but VP Mike Pence is in South Korea, and has made made it clear that North Korea’s dangerous behavior will no longer be tolerated by the United States. Recent military moves by several countries in the region indicate that North Korea is preparing for war. Should North Korea resume conflict with South Korea, pres. Trump would not hesitate to destroy the country of North Korea, and end the conflict once and for all.


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