Foreign Policy

Fact Check: Does Trump have the right to authorize air strikes?

Verdict: TRUE

Praise from both sides of the United States government came after Trump ordered airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapon strongholds in northwestern Syria. Amid the discussion over the military response to the chemical weapons attack that killed nearly 90 civilians with a nerve gas outlawed by numerous treaties, Rand Paul U.S Senator from Kentucky said that the response was not one that Trump had the right to execute. Senator Paul said that the response was one that should have required congressional approval, suggesting that Trump should have asked for a declaration of war against Syria. Trump serves as Commander-in-Chief, this means that he is in command of the U.S military. Generally, the president only asks for congressional approval if it involves boots on the ground in another country, and if declaring war on another country. While the airstrike was extremely effective, it did not require U.S soldiers on the ground to address the chemical weapons attack. While this appears to be a very gray subject, it is clear that President Trump has the right to authorize an airstrike without congressional approval.


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