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Get the facts on how Mitch McConnell will get Neil Gorsuch confirmed this week

After a series of tough confirmation hearings, with serious anger from the Democrats with how he answered questions about how he would rule on court cases, Donald Trump’s nominee for the United States Supreme Court is up for a confirmation vote this week. In order for Gorsuch to be confirmed to the court, he will need to receive 60 votes in the senate. Only three democrats have pledged their support for Gorsuch, with 100% support from all of the 52 Republicans. This leaves him lacking 5 votes. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has one way to get him to the court by this Friday, invoking the much-discussed “nuclear” option. McConnell will introduce a rule to change the vote requirement for Supreme Court justices to a simple majority. This will pass with the Republican majority. He will then call a vote on Gorsuch’s confirmation, and he will be confirmed with 55 votes. McConnell will then call a vote to repeal the rule he just put into effect, after the confirmation. This is a controversial move, with many on both sides concerned about the fallout from changing the rules for the Republicans’ benefit. This is likely how this controversial move will play out, putting Gorsuch on the court before Spring recess.