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Paul Ryan’s heath care bill failed, get the facts on why.

Paul Ryan has spent the last seven years trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, the house has voted numerous times to repeal it, so what went wrong here? The GOP’s bill didn’t please the far-right of the Republican party. Many said that it was still way too restrictive. Opponents of the bill also pointed out correctly that millions would lose insurance. Trump’s job creation commitment has yet to put the 20 million unemployed back to work that are covered under the ACA. If those people go back to work, they will receive insurance through their employer, so there will no longer be a need for coverage under ACA. The bill is well written, but it is not the right time for its implementation. Many other changes have to be made in order for the AHCA to be a success. In addition, many Republicans are scared that the burden of Obamacare will fall on their shoulders when the midterm elections arrive. The bill also had not one Democrat supporting it, which meant there was only room for a few Republican defections. The small number of far-right conservatives are the reason that the bill was not passed, as their small majority destroyed the chances of it passing.