Why Trump’s lack of involvement in the Obamacare replacement is a disappointment, and a problem.

Donald Trump spoke for months on the campaign trail about repealing and replacing Obamacare with something much better. His lack of involvement in the recent American Healthcare Act released by Paul Ryan as the GOP’s Obamacare replacement clearly shows, as one of his biggest promises regarding Obamacare has been competition across state lines, which is not present in the current version of the bill. This version of the bill is a step up from the current Obamacare legislation, it’s well-written, in tries to be the best of both worlds, by both repealing the current legislation, and promoting less government involvement in American healthcare. Many of Trump’s statements regarding Obamacare that he spoke of during his presidential campaign need to be incorporated into this new bill, or else it will make his 2020 reelection bid very difficult, as he made Obamacare a key component of his 2016 victory. In some ways, Trump is hoping that healthcare will not be a major part of his presidency, he may not even want to be involved with it anymore, as he is refusing to put his name on it.