The facts on Trump’s tax returns

On Sunday morning, Trump bashed MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for breaking the law and publishing his 2005 tax returns. The White House quickly defended Trump, say that he paid 38 million in taxes in 2005. The tax returns show that President Trump paid 38 million in taxes, just as the White House said.  Compared to others in his income tax bracket, Trump made 153 million in 2005 and sent 25.4% of his income to the government, while Barack Obama sent only 18.4 % of his income and Bernie Sanders, an advocate for higher taxes on rich people like him, sent only 13%. The fact is, Trump paid his taxes fair and square and wrote off all expenses that he legally could, nearly 100 million in expenses. Trump’s tax returns have been a controversial topic, especially during his presidential campaign. In many ways, the illegal leak of his tax returns by Rachel Maddow cleared the air on the subject, as it clearly shows he paid his fair share and did nothing illegal. The media has been rough on Trump when it comes to business activities, and this now gives them one less thing to attack him on.