The facts on the February jobs report

This week, the Labor department published the unemployment report for February. Many were expecting better than the anticipated 190,000 jobs, somewhere around 200,000. Economists were shocked at the progress that the Trump administration has made with regards to unemployment and job creation. Trump created 235,000 jobs for the United States in the month of February. Many rushed to cite that this increase in employment was not credited to him, saying that these jobs were “planned” to be added during this time. The truth is, the credit is all his. His encouragement of domestic manufacturing in recent months, and during his presidential campaign has been leading to many companies siding with the real estate tycoon rather than continuing to move jobs overseas, as Trump has threatened to tax imports to the U.S at 35%. Trump’s progress comes as he worked during the transition to keep a Carrier air conditioning plant in the U.S rather than moving it to Mexico, as it planned to do prior to Trump’s unexpected election victory. This lead to several other companies going on to do the same, including Ford, which historically has been making it’s vehicles south of the border. Trump deserves the credit, he worked hard to fulfill his campaign promise of starting to bring jobs back to the United States.