Why the Obamacare replacement plan deserves a second look

The Republicans in congress introduced the Obamacare replacement bill on Monday evening, sparking praise and criticism from both sides. Small government Republicans have attacked it for continuing to be over-involved in the lives of Americans, while others see it as a healthy compromise. Here’s why. The bill allows for tax breaks as you get older, so the older you get, the more money you will have to spend on your own personal health care. This allows for an unregulated healthcare market, where there can be competition and Americans can buy their own care directly through providers, not the government. In addition to this, a key component of the original ACA bill is kept. The rule against denying coverage based on preexisting conditions will be grandfathered into the new agreement. The new plan introduces a “tax-free” insurance marketplace so there will be no taxes on insurance plans purchased through the marketplace or through an employer. The key point is in Medicaid, where there will rollouts on a per-capita basis rather than a flat rate. This means that those who need more will receive it, and those who don’t need more funds for care will not have it. The plan is a big win for the GOP, but it will likely have a huge debate associated with its implementation. Democrats are determined to defend President Obama’s original plan from 2009.