It’s True, Trump didn’t do everything he promised in his first month.

Review of Trump's first month in office.


Donald Trump is being criticized for not fulfilling what he promised to do in his first month in office. Sites like Huffington Post have made lists of everything that has not been completed on time. Most famously, he said that he would implement a ban on immigration from dangerous countries, that was ultimately overturned by a federal judge. Realistically, Trump has had a solid start to his term, he has been internationally and domestically trying to build a good reputation with leaders and lawmakers. Specific promises, such as his pledge to defeat ISIS realistically need more time than 30 days. Trump clearly didn’t understand the long process for getting something done in the U.S government during his campaign for president. He has made significant progress on his controversial agenda, gotten most of his cabinet in place, and begun working on his plans in congress on the future of Obamacare. Yes, Huffington Post is right, he hasn’t done everything he promised in 30 days, but he still has 1,425 days in his first term to accomplish his very involved and difficult promises to the American people.