The facts about Jeff Sessions’ contact with Russia.

The Jeff Sessions controversy fact checked.

This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions of Alabama came under fire after an Obama era investigation showed he contacted Russia during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He is being accused of lying under oath by numerous news outlets and newspapers, because of his controversial contact with the Russian ambassador. Jeff Sessions served on the Armed Services Committee and met with more than 25 ambassadors from around the world.  Jeff Sessions stated during his senate confirmation, that he had contact with several foreign ambassadors, but did not discuss the campaign, according to the transcript. Russia has been a very tough topic for the Trump Administration, with most recently, the resignation of Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn who contacted Russia during the transition, and mislead Vice President Mike Pence on intelligence statements, and lied to the President Trump. Flynn resigned after less than a month on the job, and his contact has called for an investigation. With Jeff Sessions now under fire, once the facts are published, Sessions will have his name cleared.