Was Trump’s address to congress accurate? What the media is getting right.

Review of Trump's congressional address.

The media was quick to judge the president’s address to congress to present his ambitious agenda. Writer for Fusion Katie McDonough went after a small component of the speech, when the president honored those murdered by illegal immigrants.  She called it sick and un american, when the truth is, illegal immigrant crime is a serious issue. The media in most respects was writing kind and honest articles about the president’s remarks, saying his bipartisan and presidential speech was fair and balanced. Trump got very little attention for his statements about unemployment, which were 100% true according to our database searches on the issue. When an american stops looking for work, they are no longer considered unemployed, and the unemployment rate appears lower than it is. Trump has said that the number is as high as 30% for unemployed workers in the United States, but analysts say that it is probably closer to 10-15%. Trump addressed many issues last night in a bipartisan, and fair way, the media was quite fair, and generated very little fake news or fake facts.