No, Donald Trump does not have an 86% approval rating.

On Saturday, following the end of the CPAC conference, Fox News tweeted and reported that Donald Trump had a 86% approval rating. This is a completely false and incorrect. Further analysis of the source of the poll, shows that this was taken by attendees of the CPAC conference, a far-right conference with attendees who are serious supporters of the Republican Party. Donald Trump’s actual approval rating comes in at 43% approving of his job performance, and 52% disapproving. Donald Trump’s rocky start to his first term in office shows that the sudden resignation of General Mike Flynn is responsible for his poor approval. Another contributing factor to his poor approval is his terrible implementation of his Immigration ban. The chaos at airports and riots ultimately lead to a federal judge overturning his executive order. His behavior after the ban was overturned certainly didn’t help his cause, with vulgar tweets mocking the judicial branch. His leadership has certainly been unpredictable, as he claimed it would be during his historic two-year campaign for president.