Nikki Haley is hard at work and isn’t getting credit.

While the media is discussing the roller coaster administration in control of The White House, very little has been said about the efforts that UN ambassador Nikki Haley has made. Ambassador Haley has been working very hard with Mexico to create a better trade relationship, in a time where the two countries are having a dispute on immigration and NAFTA. Haley has also been hard at work with the South Koreans to address the growing threat of the North Korean Government. The efforts that the former South Carolina governor has made to push for a stronger relationship with all nations worldwide, in a very tense time for U.S foreign relations. President Trump has made a push for America first and is implementing policies that do just that.  Nikki Haley is doing the toughest job right now in the United States government, when it comes to U.S foreign policy the Trump administration isn’t making her job any easier. The United States senate is very divided on many issues, voting along party lines for most issues so far. But when it came to Governor Haley’s confirmation to the UN, the senate agreed that she would be a great person to represent the United States, confirming her 96-4.