Media is ignoring the GOP’s California comeback for 2018.

Exploring the 2018 congressional races.


The GOP in California has been struggling for years to send a Republican to the senate and to put a Republican governor in power. These efforts have been extremely difficult, as California is considered the most Democratic in the country, and has usually been the reason that the Democrats win a presidential election. Recently, there has been a surge in California of  defecting Democrats, making the switch to be independents, meaning that the disgust in how the Democrats handled themselves after the recent election is the most likely reason for the recent defection. With that said, the GOP has a once in a lifetime chance to change the course of the state, and push to elect a moderate Republican to the state government. In 2010, the GOP came very close to winning a senate seat in California, when Carly Fiorina won the nomination. Fiorina was leading in the polls until August, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Had it not been for her diagnosis, she would have likely taken down  Democratic senator Barbara Boxer, three term senator from California. The strategy is to push for a Republican candidate opposed to Donald Trump, someone that the majority of California voters dislike a lot.