Media says Trump is anti-Semitic even though he denounced racism and anti-Semitism.

The media has been blasting Trump since Friday as being anti-Semitic after he lashed out at a Jewish reporter at his news conference on Friday. Various news outlets that favor the Democratic party said that Trump has promoted anti-Semitic activity throughout his campaign, even though he has not said or mentioned anything anti-Semitic during his presidency or during his campaign for president, in addition, most trusted advisor, Jared Kushner is Jewish, and the Israeli Prime Minister praised Trump for his tough stand against anti-Semitic activity. Yesterday, Trump went out and denounced racism and anti-Semitism, making it clear to anyone who watched the statement unfiltered that he in fact was not anti-Semitic. The media, including the Washington Post and Slate continue to say that Trump is anti-Semitic, even though he has never done or said anything of the sort.