The Huffington Post says Mike Pence caused an HIV outbreak.

The Huffington Post published an article today, saying that Mike Pence caused an HIV outbreak in Indiana. They cited that he did this when he attempted did defund Planned Parenthood, and closed a Planned Parenthood facility in Indiana. They said that the only Planned Parenthood facility in Indiana was the only place that citizens could get tested for HIV. Huffington Post went on to blame him for an HIV outbreak in Indiana that happened during his tenure in the House of Representatives. Not only is the basis for this claim absurd, but you can test yourself for HIV with a kit from CVS. The amount of work that Planned Parenthood does with regards to HIV is so minimal, that blaming Mike Pence for that is crazy. In addition, Mike Pence was also attacked for his defunding of Planned Parenthood efforts as governor because of this. The Huffington Post wrote this with no research or basis for facts.