Huffington Post says Trump should be impeached.

The Huffington Post reported this morning that there was enough evidence that Donald Trump had committed an impeachable offense. They cited that his supposed contact with Russia during his presidential campaign was enough to file for impeachment. The CIA has investigated, in there is no evidence that Trump committed any impeachable act during the presidential campaign, and that he did not have any illegal contact with Russia, nor did his staffers. After the presidential campaign, his national security adviser Michael Flynn had several phone calls with Russian government officials. This was not illegal, as he was appointed to be the incoming national security adviser, and was not interfering with government activities. The basis for this article is to make the Trump administration look bad during its first month. The Huffington Post has wide and deceived readers through its false claims that the administration is conspiring with foreign governments. This misleading article, written by a leftist newspaper, is incorrect, both factually, and the conclusions that the article draws based off incorrect information.