Did Trump really inherit a mess? Or is it his fault?

Did Donald Trump really inherit a mess? At this afternoon’s press conference, Donald Trump stated that the media was being unfair in blaming him for past problems that the Obama administration developed and created. He attacked the media, insulted reporters to their face, and told the American public that the press was lying, and that he was only trying to fix the government’s corruption and poor management. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, what are you saying is mostly true. Trump inherited a foreign policy disaster from John Kerry, with the Middle East conflicts more intense than 8 years ago, and a nuclear Iran and North Korea just a few years away. Trump also inherited a serious healthcare issue. The ObamaCare crisis is a tough thing to tackle, as Trump wants to fix it, without the Republicans being blamed for the Fallout. Trump also began repairing the Judicial Branch, by nominating a moderate constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. The media has to give Trump some credit, as he is hard at work, trying to fix a broken nation.