Deportations aren’t the GOP’s idea, they were Obama’s Idea.

CNN interviewed an illegal immigrant this past morning. CNN bashed Trump, and sympathize with the illegal immigrant. With CNN forgot to mention, is that the illegal immigrant was supposed to be deported under Obama, not Donald Trump. Barack Obama has deported more people than any president in history, a record 2.5 million. The media never attacked Barack Obama for ripping families apart, but the second that Trump orders the removal of dangerous criminals, CNN and attacks him for being the one responsible for ripping apart families and destroying the lives of those who have been here for years illegally not paying taxes. Trump is no different than any other president when it comes to immigration strategies, he merely wants to remove all the illegals once and for all, fulfilling a key part of his historic campaign for president that got him to the White House. Well CNN is right that Donald Trump will be deporting families, it needs to be acknowledged that past presidents, both Democratic and Republican, did the same thing that Trump plans to do.