U.S News & World Report says Neil Gorsuch is a threat to democracy, his record says otherwise.

U.S News & World Report wrote that President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is a threat to democracy. The problem with that is that Justice Gorsuch has ruled in favor of the constitution, free speech, freedom of religion and supports following the constitution. This record does not suggest that he is a threat to democracy, but rather the opposite. His past suggests that he will be a justice who does what the court is supposed to do, uphold the law, not create it. Therefore, the claim that U.S News & World Report suggests is incorrect, inaccurate and is deceiving readers who do not have the accurate background on Justice Gorsuch that we have been able to compile through our data searches. Because of the importance of the Supreme Court vacancy being filled, we request that U.S News & World Report include facts to support their claims.